easy to use timer switch 0-150 sec 12V/20A delay on car daylights direct 12V out

Time relay with accuracy from 0 to 150 seconds.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Compact Box - 40mm/27mm/21mm 

Time relay with range from 0 to 150 seconds.


- length -  40 mm

- width 27 mm

- height 21 mm


Power supply - 10 to 14 V DC:

 -red wire – 12V+

- black wire – 12V-


Output - direct 12V 20A

white wire – 12V+

Blue wire – 12V-

Output: 20A/12V DC 

Time is adjusted by trimmer.


Principle of work:

When power is on, the delay time start, led diode lights. When set time end, the output (blue and white wire) will receive 12V ,  until cut off the power.

 By restart power supply  - cycle repeat.

Device has plastic box, as see on the picture.

It can be used for example for delay on of car lights. When ignition is start - the timer will wait (1-150s) and then will on the front lights, to save the car battery.  When ignition is off - the lights will cut off immediately. The timer need to receive 12V  from contact key and output to be wired to front lights. 


 Package contents:

  1. Mini Time Relay
  2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.